Front Porch October 18, 2023

Spooky features to add value this Halloween

The scariest night of the year is upon us so here’s a look at the most terrifying renovations to add value to your home this Halloween. 

A resident ghost

A spirit feature can add 20% or more to the value of a haunted house. The final figure is determined by the era of the ghost and the quality of the haunting. Well-preserved heritage elementals are highly sought after by discerning buyers, although it can be hard to organize for them to make an appearance at showings.

A haunted attic

Every ghost needs a place to chill before terrifying a home’s inhabitants and an attic is the equivalent of an otherworldly “parents retreat”. Even if you do not have a ghost, savvy sellers are styling their attics with chests of old toys, clothes and photographs.  

A creepy basement

Premium features include steep steps that are a threat to your life, rising damp, cobwebs and a strange dark stain on the floor.  

A hidden room

Whether it is accessed via a hardback in the bookcase or a secret panel, there is nothing that excites buyers more than a hidden room. Stylings vary from ghostly nurseries to bondage rooms – as long as it’s not on the official floor plan it will attract premium offers.

Garden with pet cemetery

Forget water features, outdoor kitchens or firepits, the hottest landscaping idea right now is a spooky pet cemetery complete with adorable tiny headstones to celebrate the afterlife of faithful friends. 

NOTE: This article is intended as some fun in the lead-up to our favorite holiday. It has absolutely no bearing on a real property estimate (although I’d be delighted to provide you with an appraisal or help you find your next home). Happy Halloween!